Tania Bruguera is a renowned Cuban artist for creating art addressing major political issues. She often looks at institutional power, borders and migration. Bruguera is the lead artist for the Tate Exchange’s third yea and her work is addressing what it means to be a neighbour and how to create change where you live.

Tanya Bruguere has been working closely with 21 Tate Modern neighbours to create a manifesto and a programme combining activation, workshops, discussions. She has renamed Tate Modern’s Boiler House the Natalie Bell Building for a year in honour of this local community activist’s positive contribution to the lives of others in SE1.

Dr Cara Courage, Head of Tate Exchange said: ‘It has been an inspiring experience working with Tania and Tate Neighbours, showing how this international institution can learn from and work with its local community. This has created a call to action for visitors to consider the neighbourhood they are entering at Tate, and to think about what it means to be and act as a neighbour. We are very much looking forward to what this will generate in the year ahead.’

Visitors will be reduced to tears when they visit the gallery over the next few months. The intense menthol smelling room provokes tears to break down the social barriers and lead to an emotional shared response. The visitors are also asked to lie down on a heat-sensitive floor which reveals the image of a Syrian refugee Bruguera describes this intervention as forced empathy and as opposed to the apathy often felt in the face of mass migration.

Tate Exchange examines art and its importance to society with public and external organisations, tackling subjects such as migration, homelessness, mental health and identity. Tate Exchange’s Associates include charities, universities and healthcare trusts as well as smaller organisations from a wide range of disciplines involving, among others, architects, writers, health professionals and musicians.

Admission is free. Every Tuesday–Sunday, 2–28 Oct 2018

Image: Tate Modern

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