Refik Anadol – Machine Memoirs: Space

Istanbul born media artist and director Refik Anadol’s new exhibition “Machine Memoirs: Space” is on view at Pilevneli, Dolapdere.

Refik Anadol, sees artificial intelligence as a collaborator rather than a mere tool. He has been exploring interrelated key concepts for challenging our conventional understanding of the cosmos, human senses, machines, and the mind. Machine Memoirs: Space, the most comprehensive solo exhibition by Refik Anadol Studio in Istanbul to date, speculates a new conceptual framework to turn the spotlight on the vast photographic archives that document the history of space exploration.

In Machine Memoirs: Space, machine-based visual speculations about space, and humanity’s historical attempts to explore its depths unveil intricate connections between obscurity and openness, creating an alternate data universe of abstract forms where reams of information produce open-ended aesthetic possibilities. Refik Anadol Studio presents yet another speculation of imagining a (data) universe as a first step to reach its unseen dimensions with a poetic flow of metaphors that connect photographic astronomic data with observable human emotions formed around public art.

Two interrelated chapters titled “Memoirs” and “Dreams” approach humanity’s explorations of space from a distinct aesthetic perspective and thematic orientation. Revealing the artistic expressions of the Studio’s long-term ground-breaking research projects on space-related data visualization through machine learning, these chapters will walk the audience through simulations of how an artificial intelligence generates novel experiences to be perceived collectively. Experiencing a multi-dimensional, dynamic visualization of how artificial intelligence makes connections between the vast data clusters, the audience finds themselves in an expanding data universe. This space not only represents the interpolation of photographic space archives as synthesis, but also becomes a latent cosmos in which dreams are the main currency of artistic creativity. As a masterfully curated multi-channel experience, the exhibition offers an avant-garde form of multi-dimensional cartographic aesthetics. The installation’s intricate and abstract layers of machine-generated space dreams allude to a connection with a cosmos of unimaginable vastness while its natural pigments trigger a sense of belonging to the earth and to our immediate environments.

Refik Anadol currently lives and works in Los Angeles, California. He is a lecturer and visiting researcher in UCLA’s Department of Design Media Arts.

“Machine Memoirs: Space” can be visited until the 25th of April. 
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