BIFED – Bozcaada International Festival for Ecological Documentary

The fourth edition of BIFED will be held in Bozcaada, Turkey, between the dates 11th – 15th October.

Beautiful Bozcaada is a small Aegean Island with a different climate from its surrounding area, with its clean sea and a life style of its own. Our planet’s environmental issues are in mind, BIFED aims to create a new reason to produce and introduce films and any other work of art that concentrate on these issues and to pioneer the creation of a free platform and reward these works.

After watching all of the 330 documentaries, submitted from 70 different countries for this year’s festival, BIFED has now announced the finalists of BIFED 2017 International Competition and GAIA Student Award.

Finalists for the International Competition are;
Dead Donkeys Fear No Hyenas, Joakim Demmer
The Primordial Turtle, Eduardo Quiroz
Thalatta, Triantafyllia Dimopoulou
Ama-San, Cláudia Varejão
Selfie, Juan Ibesh
Death by Design, Sue Williams
Up Down & Sideways, Anushka Meenakshi & Iswar Srikumar
100 Short Stories, Neal Livingston
Landfill Harmonic, Brad Allgood & Graham Townsley
Death by a Thousand Cuts, Juan Mejia Botero & Jake Kheel
Didi Contractor – Marrying the Earth to the Building, Steffi Giaracuni
Exit?, Robert Schabus
Machines, Rahul Jain
The Time Of The Bees, Rossella Anitori
Invisible Frontier, Nicolas Richat & Nico Muzi
Bluefish, Mert Gökalp
Confrontation, Nejla Demirci
Pulse, Robin Petre
Green River. The time of the Yakurunas, Alvaro Sarmiento & Diego Sarmiento
Thank You for the Rain, Julia Dahr
Plastic China, Jiu-liang Wang

Finalists for Gaia Student Award are;
Tourism!, Tonci Gacina
The Last of the Wakhi Shepherdess, Muhammad Zia Posh
Dusk Chorus – based on Fragments of Extinction, Nika Saravanja & Alessandro d’Emilia
Stick to the Wind, Louise Legaye
The Wildtuin, Rebecca Panovka
Atomka/Genpatsu, Lena Králiková Hashimoto
Love is Over, Mert Kaya
Alternative, Nesime Karateke

Cannot wait.

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